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The Subaru SVX Directory
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SVX Pictures

  • Some SVX Pictures - Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3 - Pic 4 - Pic 5 - Pic 6 - Pic 7 - Pic 8

  • Some Pictures Of My SVX - Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3

    Many people have asked me how fast will mine go...let me just say...I've raced many different sports cars and lost only two races by a ZR1 Corvette, a Porche 911 Turbo(Hey... What CAN beat a Porche 911 Turbo anyway?) The Porche 911 Turbo will even blow away a Dodge Viper! But anyway, I have taken my SVX as fast as 150mph. I started to feel wind all over the car and it took me almost two miles to actually slow down. I don't think I'll try it again. Hey, IT WAS FUN!!!

    Damm... I should've waited!
    This is the SVX I wanted but it was sold the same day I started shopping for one!

    There was only one other SVX located in New York with the same features as this this one. I couldn't wait so I bought this one instead.

    SVX Links

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